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VII Russian Lean Forum. Conference

From Lean Production to Sustainable Development

November 21, 2012 Moscow, Holiday Inn – Sokolniki

Dmitriy Konov, Director General, SIBUR Holding OJSC

To be determined
Stepan Sulakshin, Director General, Center for Problem Analysis and State and Management Designing

Sustainability of Russia: Ways of Achieving
Alexey Baranov, Director, Orgprom Group of Companies

Sustainable Development: Balanced Platform for Unstable Times
Darcy Hitchcock (USA), consultant, Professor at the University of Oregon, author of A Business Guide to Sustainability, Why Teams Fail, etc

Lean + Sustainable Development: Global Experience and Trends
Representative of October Railways Executives

Practice of Sustainable Development in the Railways
Hiromitsu Hayashida (Japan), ex-Director for Production at Toyota Tahara plant, Senior Consultant at  Hirayama Consulting

Toyota as a Symbol of Sustainability
Approaches to Production System Development (speeches by participants of Competition for the Cup of Productivity Leaders named after Gastev)
Competition of projects on Production System Development within Competition for the Cup of Productivity Leaders named after Gastev)
Round table: Sustainable Development for the Man: Directions and Mechanisms
Round table: Integrating Quality Management Systems and Production Systems
Renat Nugaybekov, Director, TMS Group LLC Managing Company

Topic: Is it Possible to Use Lean Tools in the Oil Service Industry?
Grigoriy Panov, Director General, Modern Packaging LLC

Project: Correction of Mistakes. Classroom Work.
Alexander Martynov, Director of Interfax – ERA Agency

Topic: Industry Measurements of Energy Efficiency

Heads of Directorates on Production System Development and Quality Management Systems of companies from Rosatom Group, Russian Railways, KAMAZ and others

Amir Khakimov, Managing Director, Moscow Machine-Building Plant named after Chernyshev (Oboronprom)

Topic to be determined
Sergey Zheltikov, Ulan-Udenskiy Aviation Plant, Deputy Managing Director

Project: Strategy of Implementing Lean Production at Ulan-Udenskiy Aviation Plant
Kristina Turilova, Head of the Program for Investments into Resource Efficiency, IFC

Topic: Increasing Business Efficiency and Competitiveness by Improving Management and Using Benchmarking
Nina Makarova, Deputy Chief Engineer; Dinara Kayumova, Head of Production Area, Spartak Shoe Factory OJSC

Topic: Creating Cells and Organizing
the Work in Cells
Speaker to be determined

Ural Bank of the Sberbank of Russia

Name of the project to be determined
Yevgeniy Sharashin, Director, Priozernoye OJSC

Topic to be determined
Yevgeniy Krasnov, Director General, Ecochemmash CJSC

Topic: Attention to the Human When Developing Production at Ecochemmash CJSC
Speaker to be determined
Gorkovskaya Department of Power Supply, Structural Subdivision of Gorkovskaya Directorate of Infrastructure, Gorkovskaya Railways (Chief Engineer)
Project: Implementing Quality Management System and Tools in Labor Safety at Gorkovskaya Department of Power Supply
Dmitriy Mochenov, Head of Directorate for Production System Development, Mosenergo OJSC

Topic to be determined
Sergey Piskovets, Head of Samara Department of Signalization, Centralization and Interlocking (Kuybyshevskaya Railways)

Topic: Implementing Lean Technologies in Production Processes
Speaker to be determined
MaVR Managing Company LLC
Name of the project to be determined
Igor Ushakov, Chief Doctor, Irkutsk Diagnostics Center

Topic to be determined
Speaker to be determined
Chepetskiy Machining Plant OJSC
Name of the project to be determined

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