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Concept of the VII Russian Lean Forum

From Lean Production to Sustainable Development

In unstable times when everybody is beginning to understand that the economical crisis hasn’t gone too far, while new waves of recession are rolling in the European zone, the factor of sustainability is becoming crucial.

Sustainability is the ability of a system to sustain its current state against outside impact. It’s when the market goes down by 50%, and you are still on your feet and continuing to develop.

Sustainable Development is continuous improvement based on long-term alignment between the interests of business and society, their balanced development in harmony with each other and with the environment. It’s when you are not only on your feet when everyone else is falling, but you are also continuing to develop even faster without endangering future generations.

How to organize the process of transformation to align the use of natural resources, investment targets, modernizing enterprises, developing people and processes, society and culture, so that they strengthen the current and future potential to satisfy human needs and aspirations?   

The main task of the Forum is to show how the objective of sustainable development can and must be efficiently achieved at the level of government, society, business, company and individual person – for harmony and balance of interests of all the stakeholders.

The main event
of the Forum is summarizing the results of the Competition of productivity leaders for the Cup named after A. Gastev held annually since 2010 as an institution of public recognition for the companies achieving maximum success in self-improvement. Participants of the Cup include Russian Railways, Sberbank, Rosatom [state nuclear company], Oboronprom [state defense holding], SIBUR Holding and TMS Group [oil company].

The program includes master classes and round tables, speeches by participants of the Cup, representatives of state authorities, academics, managers of successfully developing companies from an unprecedentedly wide range of industries. The speakers are respected international experts on sustainable development and production systems development: Darcy Hitchcock (USA), author of S-CORE method and a number of books on sustainable development, ex-faculty at Oregon University; Hiromitsu Hayashida (Japan), ex-Director of Toyota plant; Michael Wader, author of Lean Tools.

The Forum will be attended by Heads of federal and regional state authorities, first people in companies and corporations, Directors and leading specialists on development, production, HR, social responsibility, environmental protection, as well as academics and representatives of educational institutions.

Time and venue: Moscow, Holiday Inn Sokolniki, November 21, 2012.

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