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VII Russian Lean Forum

From Lean Production to Sustainable Development. Draft Program

Master classes
November 20
Alexey Baranov, Russia

Building a Company’s Sustainable Development System. Why and How

Yuriy Adler, Russia

Using Statistical Methods for Company’s Sustainable Development
November 21
Conference Keynotes

Darcy Hitchcock (USA) – Professor at the University of Oregon, consultant, author of The Business Guide to Sustainability and  Why Teams Fail And What to Do About It, author of SCORE method (rating and assessing competence in sustainability and possibilities). 
Topic: Lean + Sustainable Development: The Global Experience and Trends

Hiromitsu Hayashida (Japan) – ex-Director for Production at Toyota Tahara plant, Senior Advisor at Hirayama Consulting.
Topic: Toyota as a Symbol of Sustainability

Alexey Baranov, Director, Orgprom Group
Topic: Sustainable Development. Balanced Platform for Unstable Times
Speeches by executives of companies participating in the  Productivity Leaders’ Competition for the Gastev Cup – 2012
Russian Railways, Bazel, AVTOVAZ, Severstal, Tatneft, Sibur, Uralkaliy-Repairs, Rosatom, TMS-group, Sberbank of Russia, Ulan-Udenskiy Aviation Plant and more…

Training events
November 22
Darcy Hitchcock, USA

From Lean Production to Sustainable Development: Practical Approaches to Implementation
Hiromitsu Hayashida, Japan

Seminar: Total TPS: Toyota’s Strengths and Unique Mechanism
Stanislav Koltashov, Russia

Practical Training: Lean Assessment. Assessment Method in the Competition for the Gastev Cup
Michael Wader, USA

Practical Training: Lean Tools
November 23

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