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VI Russian Forum "Production Systems Development" ended in Moscow

On November 18 VI Russian Forum “Production Systems Development” (“Lean Russia” Russian Lean Forum prior to 2011) finished in Moscow.

Starting from 2006 the Forum has been proving its status of the main location for sharing experience in Lean production and most modern management systems.

Most participants said that three days packed with seminars and workshops as well as the conference were very intensive and useful, with lots of workable opinion- and plans-sharing.

The speakers and workshop trainers included renowned Russian and world Lean experts: David Meier, co-author of The Toyota Way Fieldbook and Toyota Talent; Michael Wader, President of Lean Plus, Yuriy Adler, academician at Russian Academy for Quality.
352 people participated in the Forum events (conference and Russian Lean School training programs). These are managers and leading specialists from different companies, representatives of state authorities and mass media; 31 region of the Russian Federation were represented, as well as USA, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Estonia.

The participants came from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Yaroslavl, Ulan-Ude, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ufa, Kazan, Saransk, Kaluga, Surgut and many others.

The following industries were represented at the Forum: machine-building, including aviation and car-building, metallurgy, energy, oil and gas industry, oil servicing, chemical, consumer, food, construction industries, utilities, transportation, services, etc. The following companies and corporations were represented: Rosatom [Russian Nuclear Company], Russian Railways, Oboronprom [defense industry], United Aviation Corporation, Rusal, Sberbank, Federal Passenger Company, Gazpromneft, Mosenergo, Electrical Machines, Volga – Dnepr, Russian Paints and many others.

The largest delegations (8 – 15 people) came from RIMERA Holding, PRIMA company and Saturn Gas Turbines.

The Forum was supported by the Union of Russian Machine-Builders, Administration of Moscow and Administration of Yaroslavl region.

Jeffrey Liker, a member of Supervisory Board of Gastev Cup Productivity Leaders Competition sent his greeting.
The main partner of the Russian Forum this year was Rosatom Production System OJSC; other partners include TGK-1, Mosenergo, Moscow Machine-Building Company named after Chernyshev (Oboronprom), Priozyornoye (a large agricultural farm in Tyumen region), EasyLean and Tekora.

Greeting the guests of the Forum Alexey Baranov, Head of the Board of Lean Forum. Lean Production Professionals public movement, said: “Dear delegates, today’s Forum is opening a new page in the history of Russian economy. We will present the best experience of developing production systems. Most speakers are heads of their companies who competed in the First Russian Productivity Leaders Competition for the Cup named after A. K. Gastev”.

The winners of the Gastev Cup were announced at the end of the conference on November 18. All nominee companies were assessed by members of the expert group according to the special method of assessing the production system efficiency. The audit of each company took 2 days; it was performed by 3 experts – renowned Russian Lean consultants and heads of companies / Lean programs managers that were able to achieve real success in production system development. The results were assessed by two key dimensions of companies efficiency – process development and people development.

The companies were rated according to their scores:

  • The absolute winner of the Productivity Leaders Cup named after A. Gastev is TMS Group Managing Company LLC, Almetyevsk
  • Winner of the “People Development” dimension is Grand Gift, Moscow
  • Winner of the “Process Development” dimension is Russian Paints, Yaroslavl
The following companies received diplomas of productivity leaders competition:

  • Paker” Research and Production Association, Oktiabrskiy, Bashkortostan (highest non-winning score, good prospect of winning in 2012.
  • Locomotive repair depot, Petrozavodsk (Depot 24), October Railways – branch of Russian Railways OJSC
  • Saturn – Gas Turbines, Rybinsk
  • Motor and car depot of St. Petersburg – Baltiyskiy (Depot 15), October Railways – branch of Russian Railways OJSC
  • SPARTACUS Shoe Factory, Kazan
  • Elsib Research and Production Association, Novosibirsk

Scores of participants in Productivity Leaders Competition for the Cup named after A. Gastev


People Development

Process Development

TOTAL Production System Level

TMS-Group Managing Company


Grand Gift


Russian Paints



* The Steering Committee of the First Productivity Leaders Competition decided not to publicize the scores of the other participants – they all are considered to share the third place, after the absolute leader and two winners of nominations.

During the competition the Steering Committee established and the Supervisory Board approved two special nominations reflecting modern trends in production system development. They also received prizes:

Those who did not win were awarded with special souvenir prizes and memorable boards from the Steering Committee and sponsors. The winning delegation from TMS Group Managing Company took to Almetyevsk the main trophy – The Gastev Cup. The Cup itself is a real work of art, the Steering Committee declares. It is made of bronze and transported in a special gift case. It is a challenge cup. The company that scored the highest in the audit performed by the expert group receives the Cup for one year. In the future it will have to struggle for the victory again. Every year the name of the winning company is engraved on the Cup. On November 18 the engraving “2012 – TMS Group” appeared on the Gastev Cup, and the trophy went to Almetyevsk.


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