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Russian Lean Forum

The Russian Lean Forum -


The root cause of the record drop of Russian economy and of bad economy structure in the time of crisis  is inefficient management. Lack of knowledge how to organize processes on the world standard level and not knowing such standards – provides opportunity and environment for break through improvement.

How to see and use the internal efficiency potential?
How to involve every employee and supplier in continuous improvement?
How can the state and business help each other in implementing and broad roll out of cutting edge practices of developing production systems?

Mission of the Forum

Provide the largest federal venue of international level for exchange of best experience in continuous improvement and production system development.

Goals of the Forum:

  1. Present to managers interested in leadership the practices of implementing anti-crisis strategies in developing production systems.
  2. Summarize and popularize best practices in developing and implementation of in-house lean production programs.
  3. Develop suggestions to the Government of the Russian Federation in the area of public-private partnership for the support of initiatives of Russian companies, who have opted for the use innovative and not requiring large investments ways of improving efficiency.


Renowned experts and authors of books on developing production systems from USA, Japan, Europe, China, Russia. Managers of leading Russian companies (Sberbank, RusHydro, NPO Irkut, AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, RUSAL, etc.).

The Program

Reports and presentations, master-classes, company visits, “hands-on” sessions at production facilities.


In the 5 years, about 1,000 managers from leading Russian and CIS companies took part in the Russian Lean Forums (Sberbank, RusHydro, NPO Irkut, AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, RUSAL, VSMPO-Avisma, Magnezit plants, SIBUR, the GAZ Group, Energomera concern, Tikkurila and others).

Participated also representatives of respective ministries and agencies, owners on companies, managers of public organizations, universities, corporate universities, training centers, research institutions, consulting and engineering companies, authors of training programs.

Over 1,500 top managers and leading company specialists have gone through training in the Russian Lean School in the course of five years.

Russian Lean Forums are supported by

the Ministry for Industries and Energy of the Russian Federation, Ministry for Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Office of the Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Urals Federal District, 

Governments of Federal Regions, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Council for National Competitiveness, the International Association of Metal Industries, The Russian National Public Organization “Business Russia”, Chambers of Commerce, Industry Associations.

Partners of the Forum

International finance and educational organizations
Lean Enterprise Academy
Lean Enterprise China
Toyota Engineering Corporation
O p tiprise Inc.
Lean Associates Inc.
Gemba Research
Lean Institute Turkey


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