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The number of Lean professionals doubled in 2011

At the opening of the Russian Lean School Alexey Baranov, the Chairperson of the Board of Interregional Public Movement “Lean Forum. Lean Production Professionals” announced that as of June 2011 the list of the Lean movement participants has doubled; there are now 118 people – executives and managers of the leading companies, as well as educational institutions and mass media from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Omsk, Perm, Tver, Tula, Samara, Naberezhny Chelny, Yelabuga, Almetyevsk, and also USA. They represent the following companies: Sberbank of Russia, KAMAZ, Russian Railways, Mosenergo, Nestle, ElAZ Production Association, AvtoVAZ, Sibur – Russian Tires, Steel, Eurasian Construction Company, Sevcabel, Mavr and many others.

The main goal of conducting the Russian Lean School
was to unite companies’ executives and specialists, as well as leading Russian and foreign experts to discuss their experience of working with employees to implement production improvement programs. Conference participants have reviewed specific problems that appear when employees are being involved into transformations, got acquainted with the leading companies’ and organizations’ experience and received recommendations on overcoming employees’ resistance to change and building a new production culture.

Lean Duels
were organized within the conference to discuss two relevant issues of building a Lean production program:

  1. "Pay Per Piece – Yes VS Pay Per Piece – No"
  2. "Inviting Consultants for Building Your Lean Program VS Doing It On Your Own ".
Presentations and photographs are available at the website of interregional public movement “Lean Production Professionals”.

Alexey Baranov invited participants to discuss the Gastev Cup – a new initiative of the movement – at its website. The Cup is a competition between companies in operational efficiency inspired by the prestigious Western Shigeo Shingo Prize known to all Lean Production professionals.

”If you are willing to be in the loop of “Lean Forum” news, share experience, plan and implement ambitious projects together with other active members of the movement, if you want to participate in Lean Leaders and Lean Enterprises competitions, receive our feed on your email and use the movement’s database, I invite you to review its Charter, goals and tasks and become a member of the movement “Lean Forum. Lean Production Professionals”, - Alexey Baranov invited the students of the Russian Lean School.


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