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» In english » Public Movement » Russian Railways has become prize-winner of A.K.Gastev Productivity Leadership Cup

OJSC "Russian Railways" has become prize-winner of A.K.Gastev Productivity Leadership Cup

The «Lean» program will help the industry to improve productivity by 30 %

OJSC “Russian Railways” has become prize-winner of A.K.Gastev Productivity Leadership Cup. The Prize and the Diploma for the winner of the “Industry Production System” nomination were presented at the 6th Russian Forum “Development of Production Systems” to Deputy Director of the October Railroad for Quality and Marketing Kristina Maleryan, who represented one of the largest transport companies of the world and the biggest Russian employer.

In her report R.Maleryan said that in the “Russian Railway Holding Development Strategy” document for the period till 2030 and main development priorities till 2015, Lean Manufacturing is adopted as one of the main lines of innovation development and productivity improvement for the RR Holding.  The endeavor for the development of the RR Holding production system based on Lean Manufacturing philosophy was supported by the President of the OJSC “Russian Railways” V.I.Yakunin in his address at the Board Meeting of the OJSC “Russian Railways”  back in December of  2009.

To achieve the goals, said K.Maleryan, the October Railway was assigned a pilot site for testing lean tools and building a “lean railway’. At the start of the project the Program Charter for implementation of lean manufacturing at the October Railway was adopted.

The “Lean Railway” program will run till 2015 in four stages.

The results of the program to be (by the year 2015 vs 2008):

  • transportation costs to be reduced by 5-10%
  • work productivity improvement by 30%
  • defect rate reduction by 50%
  • involvement of at least 50% of the personnel in continuous improvement programs
  • 5 suggestions per 100 workers received and implemented
  • 10% of the staff to be trained in continuous improvement system.
“Now more that 1000 sites of the RR Holding are involved in implementation of lean manufacturing all across Russia. At the October Railway alone, over 200 sites are involved.”, said Kristina Maleryan.

At the last Russian Lean Forum the October Railway was awarded the main prize – the “Lean Forum Cup”.


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