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» In english » Public Movement » Alexey Bushuyev: «Any change is driven by human energy which is the main way to every company’s success»

Alexey Bushuyev: «Any change is driven by human energy which is the main way to every company’s success»

Alexey BushuyevIn November 2011 VI Russian Forum “Production Systems Development” took place; the first national competition aimed at measuring the real business efficiency – the Gastev Cup – was awarded. The main lessons learned: personal commitment of the companies’ executives to continuous change and freeing up employees’ creative potential are key success factors.  

Alexey Bushuyev, Deputy Governor of Yaroslavl region shared his impressions of the Forum in his interview for LEAN TV: “Such an event, I think, is a good site to share ideas, experience and results – what people think of improvement, what they achieved during one, two, three years. It is very important to support the energy of improvement movement because any change is driven by human energy, human wishes and motivation, whatever we say about machines, technologies, etc. It is people that are behind all that, and of course this site means first of all emotional sharing of energy and charging for the future, so I want to wish the Forum further success, so that opinions collide, ideas enrich one another, and there is sharing of positive energy. People need to tell each other what they achieve, what processes are going on; maybe not everything goes so quickly and smoothly as we’d like, but people are moving forward and they are not alone.

I think this forum is useful for everyone who is associated with management. People who think about what the company has achieved belong to yesterday; we need to think of the future and see what we need to strive to, whom to take as a model, with whom to cooperate; not exchanging information means losing. We need to see wider context; this forum is mostly for those who are responsible for company development and for the wide circle of managers in general.

Of course visiting each other’s sites is another development tool besides forums. Today we saw such an example: auditors from several companies went to other companies. Of course, that’s great. That’s what helps all of us see ourselves from others’ viewpoint. But we shouldn’t forget about continuous training either. A lot of books are available; we need to develop ourselves and our thinking and understand that there are many many different approaches to solving problems, and we need to select our tool, our method and apply it to our specific situations. That’s the way to success; and I hope all forum participants will come back to their companies infiltrated with the energy of improvement and will give it to their companies and colleagues, which will serve to further promotion of ideas and actions much discussed today, as these projects can really help develop competencies lacking in Russia – management competencies.


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