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Public Movement

“Lean Production Professionals” Inter-Regional Public Movement

unites the efforts of all Lean Production enthusiasts – Lean experts, managers of Lean companies, Kaizen specialists implementing production efficiency programs, teachers of educational institutions – to share experience and solve global tasks of increasing the competitiveness of national economy.

Our goal: popularize Lean Production, achieving partnership with state institutions and enterprises for increasing labor productivity.

Participation in the public movement will let you

  • Always be in the loop of “Lean Forum” news, share experience with colleagues in blogs
  • Ask questions to leading Russian and foreign consultants
  • Plan and implement high-flying projects together with other Lean movement activists
  • Win Lean Leaders and Lean companies competitions
  • Form a common data base and use it actively.


Gastev Cup is a public initiative of “Lean Forum. Lean Production Professionals” Inter-Regional Public Movement that is organizing and conducting an all-Russia contest in production systems efficiency among leading enterprises. Companies can nominate both efficiency programs and separate projects for Gastev Cup. Results are assessed by the Expert Group consisting of the most experienced expert consultants on production efficiency and top managers of successful companies. Gastev Cup award ceremony will take place on November 15 – 18 at the 6th Production Systems Development Forum (“Lean Russia” Russian Lean Forum till 2011).


Low labor productivity is the main obstacle of economy development and the main reason why Russians are uncompetitive on the global market and why GDP is growing slowly. The origin of low productivity is bad organization of labor, low management skills and qualifications in the sphere of modern concepts of production systems development. As a result, all industries and budgets lose about half GDP as waste – operations and conditions not adding customer value.

Most managers use outdated and unreliable management concepts and sincerely believe that they act in the only correct way, alleging all problems to be due to lack of workforce, Russian mentality and bad educational system. Launch and implementation of national “Productivity” program through Gastev Cup will significantly increase the efficiency of economy and economy subjects as well as improving quality and competitiveness, reducing investment requirements and increase return on investment.

If the Program is implemented at the national scale, it is expected to double GDP within 10 years due to improving management practices only. Combined with re-equipment programs, it can make achieving the common goal – doubling GDP – realistic and less capital-intensive.

The Mission of the Cup is forming a public institution acknowledging leading enterprises in developing management systems
  • on the basis of popularizing and promoting the cutting edge experience of developing production systems and deploying policy
    • by involving all management and every employee into continuous processes improvement and implementing the company’s policy
      • through total training by doing in modern management culture, methods of identifying and solving problems and reducing waste.
Vision: the final goal of this initiative:

  • Accelerated development and realization of Russia’s main asset – human capital;
  • Companies forming breakthrough goals and achieving them reliably and on time;
  • Acquiring the world-class level of economy competitiveness and national success.


Alexey Gastev is the founder and active developer of the Russian school of scientific labor organization – this was the name for Taylor’s scientific management (or Fordism, according to Lenin) in 1920 – 1930s in Russia. It was Gastev who phrased and developed the principles of scientific management which laid the foundation of TWI in the USA in 1940-s – the principles of “narrow foundation”, and later in Japan – “broad involvement”. This school in its turn was enriched by Deming’s and Juran’s ideas and became the basis of the Toyota Production System which came to us from the USA in the beginning of this century as Lean, Kaizen and Lean Production.


Preliminary selection is based on a series of economical measurements, primarily in the sphere of labor productivity and active employees’ participation in identifying problems and their causes and submitting useful suggestions to eliminate them. In further qualification companies avoiding layoffs and blame culture in their daily management routine will have the advantage.

The qualification selection and further assessment is based on the matrix rating in following areas:

  • PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT. Management culture and leadership genome.
    • Basics of scientific management – PDCA and genchi genbutsu, leadership visualization and standardization, projects implementation by management.
    • Policy deployment – goals and ways of achieving them are aligned at all levels and are shared by everybody.
    • Culture of identifying and solving problems in multi-functional teams.
    • Systematic management of talent development flow
    • Systematic management of talent realization flow
    • Monetary benefits system should not contradict these principles; it should support them.
  • OPERATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Production improvement tools.
    • Identifying waste and value stream mapping
    • Setting in order and safety. 5S, Visualization, Obeya.
    • Standardization and built-in quality. Benchmarking.
    • Reducing all types of waste (including energy waste) on the equipment. TPM and Quick changeover.
    • Flow leveling and balancing.
    • Pull system “Just-In-Time”.
The assessment method can be applied to any industry (production or service area).


The Gastev Cup is a public initiative of “Lean Forum. Lean Production Professionals” Inter-Regional Public Movement. The Operator – the Steering Committee of this initiative – is its initiator, Non-Profit Organization “ORGPROM Growth Production Institute”. Since 2004 Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Orgprom Institute has earned reliable professional reputation; it successfully operated five annual Russian Lean Forums, ten sessions of Russian Lean Schools and dozens of smaller scale projects in different regions of Russia and abroad.

The Cup’s Program Goals and Charter will be determined by the Supervisory Board. The Steering Committee will personally invite participants of Top 100 Rating of Russia’s Industrial Elite (the rating’s operator is “Upravleniye Proizvodstvom” [Production Management] magazine) to join the Supervisory Board. At the Russian Lean Forum the Supervisory Board will approve the members of the Cup’s Expert Board suggested by the Steering Committee. The Expert Board will consist of trusted jurors – professional practitioners in scientific management and production systems development.

The Expert Board will determine the winners of the Cup in several stages, consecutively selecting best applications at every stage.

  • Application and preliminary qualification (remote review of applications, jury's decision).
  • Qualification (filling in a detailed questionnaire and live presentation to the Expert Board).
  • Assessment during the jury’s visit to the company. Rating based on Assessment score.
  • Determining the winners according to the rating. Selecting projects for nominations.
  • Projects competition and award ceremony at the annual Russian Lean Forum.



Apply in the written form to the Cup Steering Committee.

Applications are accepted from companies (their authorized representatives) that have been in the market for at least 3 years with 30 employees and more.


The work of the Steering Committee and Expert Group, especially jury’s assessment committees and their visits to companies, as well as providing the prize fund and supporting current Cup operations – all this requires spending money, time and effort. However, these activities are non-profit; the company does not absorb interest.

These costs will be covered by sponsorship contributions and private donations under supervision of “Lean Forum” Inter-Regional Public Movement; the funds will be transferred to a special account. The Cup’s Steering Committee will annually publish ratings and financial reports on the website of the Russian Lean Forum. Bank information for transferring contributions and donations are available as an attachment to this document and at the Lean Forum website, in the Gastev Cup section. Sponsorship opportunities are also described there.

The Steering Committee expresses their gratitude to everybody who finds an opportunity to support this initiative. The list of all contributors and sponsors will be publicized on the Lean Forum website and at all Cup events within annual Russian Lean Forum.

If you have ideas on developing Gastev Cup, you are welcome to write to us or call us. We are grateful for all inputs, tangible and intangible. The list of authors of the ideas accepted by the Cup will be published regularly.
The country should know its heroes – past and present!


Developers group headed by Director of Orgprom Group of Companies,
Chairman of Board of “Lean Forum. Lean Production Professionals”
Inter-Regional Public Movement
Alexey Baranov


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